October 03, 2005

Field Trips

Went on my second of five field excursions yesterday to Ebbet's Pass in the Sierra. Ridiculously, our class left at 7:45 AM and returned to the BA at 11:08 PM. Crazy? Yes.

In other news, yes, Les had her cute baby girl. I think I might go visit them today.

Last thought for the moment - George W. Bush seems to like the idea of hiring people with no experience;

NY Times article today reads:

Longtime Confidante of President Has Never Been a Judge

Harriet Miers, the White House counsel, lacks a long history of judicial rulings that could reveal ideological tendencies.

Maybe she's at least trained horses.

September 22, 2005

Apple Computer

I had a scare with my laptop this AM when the screen went blank. This has happened several times before in the past 2 years that I have owned by iBook. Here's what sometimes cures the problem (it seemed to have worked in this case, though I'm holding my breath):

If that doesn't fix it, I'm usually in a really bad mood because it means I have to take the machine to the so-called "Genius Bar". The problem lies in a very specific Logic Board defect that Apple has finally formalized and can be found on their website:

BTW, for anyone who might be foolish enough to waste time reading my blog (other than my husband) --

Although I would promote any East Bay business before I would set foot in Stanford/Palo Alto, I must objectively admit that the Palo Alto "Genius Bar" (I put this in quotes because clearly, these people are not genius, they are just employees of Apple) is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than the Emeryville store, which was managed by a total lazy wench as of Spring 2004. I hope she has since been fired because her managerial skills were below average and akin (or worse than) those of someone who works for, oh, the DMV. Apple should know better.