October 21, 2005

Another Paper

Seems all I do is try and think of research paper ideas. Two down, actually three down, and one to go. The final "paper" is going to be a project for Geomorphology. Maybe something about pluvial lakes since that's what intially interested me to land processes and form in the first place.

October 05, 2005

Radiocarbon Dating

My advisor and I finally had a little chat about what I should do for my seminar paper. I will be researching something I've only read about in second semester Calculus or DiffEq's: half life!! Actually Carbon-14 dating in materials. Materials in this case would be any kind of core from a tree or the earth.

So, in an effort to get geared up, it's time to read up:

Carbon -14 info
Scintillation Machine
Carbon 14 Dating and LSC
Overview of LSC